Verizon Fans First & Rap Caviar LIVE sponsorship

The Tension:

Verizon was losing touch with the cool kids of the multicultural melting pot that is New York City. Verizon wanted to change that and give listeners something they’d leap at a chance to be part of.

The Idea in a Nutshell:

Leading with the highly influential flagship hip hop playlist, RapCaviar, Spotify’s more than 10-million-strong following allowed Verizon to bring the fans in NYC closer to the artists they love with a series of exclusive live music events and more intimate sessions.

The Magic:

Knowing RapCaviar’s biggest fans, we knew who would absolutely love to be there the moment the artists were in town. Much like RapCaviar LIVE, Fans first has become an ongoing series, where Spotify celebrates an artist’s most dedicated listeners with exclusive events. In this case, Fans First invited fans to events with the likes of St. Lucia and Nao, sponsored by Verizon. RapCaviar LIVE produced in partnership with Live Nation Urban is a national tour that showcases the latest and greatest talent in hip hop, with Chance the Rapper headlining the NYC date.

You heard it here first

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