Snickers ‘You’re Not You, When You’re Hungry’ Audio Ads

The Tension:

When people get hungry, they act differently. And when people act differently, they listen to different music. So, when you stop listening to pop and start listening to 50s soulful slow jams, something’s up, simply put, you’re not you anymore.

The Idea in a Nutshell:

As soon as Snickers’ target audience started listening to anything else other than what they were used to, the ads told them what they needed to know: “You’re not you when you’re hungry”. Since we knew which style of music the listener loved, they got a custom song delivering the message in a genre they loved to listen to. And just to make sure the hunger didn’t take over, Snickers served up a delicious ‘Hunger Hits’ branded playlist to get them back on track.

The Magic:

Analysing Snickers’ target audience we found 3 of the most-popular genres of music, Grime, Rock and Pop. The moment you dropped one beat outside of your genre, that was the trigger for us to deliver the wake up call.

You heard it here first

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