Heineken x Spotify Codes at Vive Latino

The Tension:

Heineken was planning to make an appearance at one of the largest festivals in Mexico: Vive Latino and wanted to make a standout statement so everyone knew they were there.

The Idea in a Nutshell:

Indio, one of Heineken’s brands, partnered with Spotify to deliver a truly immersive experience with multiple touch-points. In the run up to the festival, Indio launched a microsite with a music analyser that compared users' music listening on Spotify to the festival’s lineup. Top fans of the festival’s lineup were entered for a chance to win tickets. Once the event was underway, festival-goers were able relive the experience as Spotify Codes were printed on special edition Indio beer cans, bottles, festival glasses and signage at point-of-purchase - all leading to Indio's Playlist on Spotify.

The Magic:

The microsite glimpsed behind the data curtain, analysed a user’s taste profile, and compared it to the festival line up. Users were delivered a listening-score based on how much they played those artists and received a custom curated playlist to help increase their ranking and listening frequency of performing artists.

You heard it here first

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