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Q: What is Spotify for Creatives?

Q: How can we work together?

Q: What are the lead times for doing custom creative ad campaigns on Spotify?

Q: I love Spotify, but I’m a paid subscriber. Where can I find the ad formats for Spotify?

Q: What insights can you share with us about audience, artist and music trends?

Q: I saw that cool campaign where Spotify analysed cities listening, can you help me know what pops in specific markets?

Q: Spotify codes are cool, how do I get one?

Q: How do you find the right music for the right brand?

Q: Can my brand make their own profile and curate playlists?

Q: If agencies or clients have an existing artist partnership, can they amplify that on Spotify?

Q: What kind of bespoke experiential solutions do you do?

Q: Who are our day-to-day contacts on your team?

Q: Doesn’t Spotify have an open API? Can we create any of these custom experiences on our own or do we need to work directly with Spotify?

Q: The Spotify platform looks nice, but we want to change the colours. Can we hack the Spotify UX? And make it pink for our brand?

Q: Can we pitch our brand to be a part of Spotify brand campaigns like Wrapped?

Q: How do we get an original track on Spotify?

Q: How do we get an original podcast on Spotify?

Q: I heard that Spotify can be streamed from basically any device. I’m particularly interested in smart speakers, wearables, in car, etc. Do you have a list of all of those devices?

Q: What if my question wasn’t asked or answered, or I have more questions?

To explore existing Ad Products: Spotify for Brands.
For our self-service ad platform: Spotify Ad Studio.

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